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Tumblr STALKER 😠😒

So apparently I have a STALKER on here. And yes I don’t care if she cares that I’m calling her a STALKER!
She thinks I don’t know that she’s following me on here. I tell EVERYONE that knows me that I CAN’T STAND a liar. And I asked her in the past if she was following me on here and she denied it.
So now I’m just gonna stop speaking to her bcuz she’s a liar…. It make no sense to me why people lie about the STUPIDEST SHIT
I find it funny that I posted a picture of my tattoo and then all of a sudden I get a text asking about tattoos…… So since u wanna be a liar u can continue to STALK me on here. I’m gonna make a private blog so u won’t be able to see my stuff and stop texting u.
LIAR! 😠😠😠

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  1. p0intlesss said: Wtf?!?
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